Interactive Design . Game Audio

Game Audio

We developed a game using Unity3D from the bottom. We had to create all the concept, visuals, programming and sound design. We made our own scripting in C# and implement the audio with “Fabric”.

This task developed my technical knowledge of game audio, providing an extensive overview of audio components with high quality and experience them in games quickly and efficiently. Also a good experience how to create an story and a whole world in a non-linear way.

My concept for this game was based on a psychologic approach, the player should read the message in the beginning of the game and complete the mission, finding the door which belongs to that message. All the message are random, so every time you play, the mission will be different and therefore the door. For that, the player has to cross the ocean and avoid the enemies. To choose the correct door, you should listen through each door and hear which one could solve the task you received at the beginning.



Interactive Design

DubiQ, 2014

Prototype for a musical rubik cube,
using Max Msp
( progress)


Sample Controlling Box, 2014

Prototype for a sample controlling box using Max Msp


. ..But, 2014

Diana Queirós
Kasper August Topp
Arash Pandi

Audiovisual Installation, Sonic Event #4, Sonic College, Denmark;
Modulating sound and video with Kinect camera through max for live in ableton live.