Foley is one of my main focus as a sound designer. I synchronise sound elements in on-screen action, to provide customised sound effects, giving weight, expression and personality to the caracteres;

I was a foley trainee at H5 Film Sound in Finland with the Foley Artist Heikki Kossi as supervisor; I was giving assistance to Heikki Kossi during the foley recordings for feature films as “Sommeren’92” (2015) directed by Kasper Barfoed, “The Model” (2015) directed by Mads Matthiesen; Tv- series as “Norskov” (2015) directed by Dunja Gry Jensen.

As well as preparing sessions for the spotting cues for feature films as “Sorgenfri” (2015) directed by Bo Mikkelsen. Defining prop lists and preparing props for the recordings.

. Foley trainee for “Sommeren’92”, directed by Kasper Barfoed. With Heikki Kossi as foley artist and supervisor;


. Sound design for an assignment to Sonic College
password: soundscape



. Sound Design, foley and music for an interpretation of a scene from Blue Velvet, David Lynch for an assignment at Sonic College. by Diana Queirós and Dominik Suchy;

password: soundscape