Foley is one of my main focus as a sound designer.

I was a foley trainee at H5 Film Sound in Finland with the Foley Artist Heikki Kossi as supervisor; I was giving assistance to Heikki Kossi during the foley recordings for feature films as “Sommeren’92” (2015) directed by Kasper Barfoed, “The Model” (2015) directed by Mads Matthiesen; Tv- series as “Norskov” (2015) directed by Dunja Gry Jensen.

. Foley trainee for “Sommeren’92”, directed by Kasper Barfoed. With Heikki Kossi as foley artist and supervisor;



. Sound Design, foley and music for an interpretation of a scene from Blue Velvet, David Lynch for an assignment at Sonic College. by Diana Queirós and Dominik Suchy;

password: soundscape