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IMDB profile . Diana Queirós

. Sound designer trainee and sound effects editor
for “Marathon”, an American documentary directed by Kate McLean and Theo Rigby. Sound supervisor Peter Albrechtsen;
Read the full article by New York Times here: New York Times – Marathon


. Sound effects editor for “Granny’s dancing on the table” trailer, directed by Hanna Sköld. Sound supervisor Thomas Jæger;

For this trailer my job was to do sound editing and sound effects, and mixing them according to the selected music; You can “hear me” at 0:33, 0:48, 1:09 (for instance);


. Sound Designer for the animated sequence “Shooting the moon” by Julieta Rocha;



. Sound Designer for the animated sequence “Dot” by Julieta Rocha;


. Sound Designer for the animated sequence “Pitagorismos” by Julieta Rocha and Inês Merino;


. Sound Effects Editor for the upcoming movie “Children” directed by Jaffe Zinn, under Peter Albrechtsen supervising;
Children is a very experimental and mysterious movie. I had the opportunity to paint both all the soundscape for the movie as the sound effects; The movie is coming out next year. Looking forward to share!

Children (2015) by Jaffe Zinn


. Music for a video documentary about butterflies, as an assignment for Sonic College;


. Music for an assignment to Sonic College’s module composition, based on the animation “Space Monkeys” from the Danish Film School;

We made our own interpretation of the animation and we created a music composition to fit the following scenes. My concept was based on the sound design already present on the whole animation. I developed my music work as a complement of the sound design – organic and fluid; the music is a complement to the sound design and not the main focus during the animation.


. Sound Design, Music and Foley for an assignment to Sonic College;

This animation was used as an exam for Sonic College and the main goal was to make our interpretation of the film and do both music, foley and sound effects for it. As well as the all recordings and mix.

Animation by Luc Perez.

Sound Design, Foley and Music by
Diana Queirós
Jamie Louis Thurman
Mikkel Brask
Mikkel Gregersen
Robert Polis
Bjørn Larsen
Daniel Nielsen

password: soundscape