Not only surfers love waves. As long as I remember, the details on sounds, of our everyday life were what most captured my attention. In 2013 I graduated in Multimedia Arts, University of Oporto, Portugal. Throughout the course, I developed a great interest in sound. I focused my work in the sound of water and in its relation with the moving image, also thinking about water not as a substance but as a visual pattern. Leading me to my bachelor degree’s project, an exploration of visual patterns over film, who were generated by the frequencies of my water recordings.

This obsessive exploration of non-visual themes pointed me, clearly, the path I should follow. I was fascinated about the details in sound that I could listen in everything, and I figured out how sound was always part of what i have done. In 2013, I made an independent publication where I explored the plasticity of waves, “Wasser”. As my exploration was a twisted search, thinking waves in a completely opposite way, I came up with the name “Ressaw“.

It’s fascinating how, in most cases, the real sound is not the right or literal sound. Therefore, as a sound designer or foley artist, you can be infinitely creative and play with the smallest details, making them exceptional.



Born on 1991 in Amarante, Portugal
IMDB profile . Diana Queirós


[09/2015 – present] Sound Designer Assistant at Mainstream Aps, Copenhagen, Denmark
[05/2015 – 06/2015] Foley Trainee at H5 Film Sound under Heikki Kossi supervising, Finland
[01/2015 – 05/2015] Sound Designer Intern at Lydrummet under Peter Albrechtsen supervising, Denmark
[2013] Audiovisual technician at Fine Arts Oporto University, Portugal
[2013] Sound assistant at “Baal”, a film by João Sousa Cardoso. (http://www.i2ads.org/unneeded2013/speakers/baal-movie/)
[2012] Sound assistant on Unneeded Conversations Conferences (International Seminar on the practice and theory of art) Fine Arts Oporto University;
[2012] Camera operator at the performance festival Sintoma #0, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Oporto.
[2012] Script supervisor at “BAF” film, directed by Patrícia Almeida (trailer: https://vimeo.com/81924245);

[2017-2021] Sound Design, The National Film School of Denmark
[2013-2016] Sound Design, Sonic College – University College South Denmark
[2009-2013] Fine Arts – Multimedia degree, Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto, Portugal

Group Exhibitions
[2014] Sonic Event #4, Sonic College, Haderslev, Denmark
[2013] VIRA VIRU SIA, Painel Gallery, Porto, Portugal
[2013] Um Terço do Universo em Partículas, OPOARTE, Porto, Portugal.
[2013] Joint of Two Improbable Fields – Intercepção Improvável, Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto, Portugal.
[2013] DEMO, Palacete Pinto Leite, Porto, Portugal.

. Sound designer – 
Sound designer for the documentary short film “Face the Strange” (2016), short film “Night Rider” (2016) directed by Christian Voldborg Andersen;

. Sound effects editor and dialogue editor – Sound effects editor for feature films and TV series such as: “The Party” (2017) directed by Sally Potter, “The Neon Demon” (2016) directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, “The Outsider” (2017) directed by Martin Zandvliet, “Gidseltagningen” (2017) directed by Kasper Barfoed, “Children” (2015), directed by Jaffe Zinn;

. Sound assistant at Mainstream Aps, supervised by Hans Møller, Eddie Simonsen, Kristian Eines Andersen and Thomas Jæger;  Internship at Lydrummet under Peter Albrechtsen’s supervision;

. Foley artist – During my internship at H5 Film sound with the foley artist Heikki Kossi, working on feature films as “Sommeren’92” (2015) directed by Kasper Barfoed; TV series as “Norskov” (2015) directed by Dunja Gry Jensen;
– Have done foley for a short-movie “Når Solen Skinner” (2014) by Frederick Barington, in collaboration with the sound designer Kasper Topp;

. Sound Artist – Group exhibitions: Sonic Event #4, 2014 at Sonic College, Haderslev, Denmark, VIRA VIRU SIA, 2013 at Painel Gallery, Porto, Portugal, Um Terço do Universo em Partículas, 2013 at OPOARTE, Porto, Portugal, DEMO, 2013 at Palacete Pinto Leite, Porto, Portugal.

. Good communication skills – Competencies acquired by living abroad and traveling; – Working on set on film productions as Baal, 2013 directed by João Sousa Cardoso, “BAF Mosaico Urbano” 2012, directed by Patrícia Almeida;

. Creative – Competencies acquired on my BA in fine arts, “thinking out of the box” projects;

. Team Player – Competencies acquired working on film productions; – Volleyball team-player at the Oporto University Team; – Organisation and setting up group art exhibitions;

. Great adaptability and autonomy – Competencies acquired by living abroad and traveling;